Dr. Amro Balki, Rheumatologist
Dr. Amro Balki, rheumatologist

Amro Balki knew he wanted to be a doctor from a young age, but it wasn’t until his residency in internal medicine that he decided to become a rheumatologist.

He recalls a mother wheeling in her 18-year-old athlete son into the hospital, who was suddenly unable to walk. After a complete medical workup, doctors diagnosed the teen with rheumatoid arthritis and treated him for the condition. Within a month, the young patient was walking again.

“I love this field because you see patients suffering from a lot of different symptoms, and you’re able to help them regain their lives.”

Dr. Amro Balki

He enjoys being a part of Saint John’s Physician Partners because of its great reputation and because it’s a big hospital that functions as a small one, with a “really tight community.” He explains, “there’s a lot of different doctors with different specialties, different backgrounds, but we know each other. We share our cell phones and communicate on a regular basis.” Plus, he’s an available, hands-on doctor.

Dr. Balki is fluent in English, French and Arabic. He likes to play tennis, try new sushi restaurants and recently took up biking in his spare time.

His best workday? It’s every day “because I see many patients, but it takes just one to tell me how much of a difference I made in their life to make my day.” Spoken like a true healer, Dr. Balki!