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World class care in the comfort of your own neighborhood

With Saint John’s Physician Partners (SJPP), you get the best in class in the comfort of your own neighborhood. Our Primary Care physicians combined with world class Specialists offer the latest in evidence based treatment and technology to ensure personalized medicine. We call it “privademics,” where patients are cared for in private state-of-the art medical offices by innovative teams of specialists, grounded in clinical research and who communicate effectively as a collaborative network through the most advanced medical record system available anywhere.

You’ll find our experienced Primary Care physicians have been healthcare heroes serving the Westside community for many years and SJPP offers one of the most extensive networks of highly skilled and respected specialists in Southern California, many of whom are regarded as pioneers in their field.

SJPP is aligned with Saint John’s Health Center, a highly rated community hospital known for its compassionate care and exceptional quality outcomes.


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For more information or a referral to a SJPP physician, call 844-943-1063

Our Faith Based healthcare principles teach us

  • Every Person is Worthy of Respect. Each human person is sacred, created in God’s own image.
    • We respect each person as a son or daughter within God’s family.
    • Human dignity is inside each person and does not depend on race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, mental or physical ability or achievement. Respect recognizes who someone is, not what someone does.
  • Each and Every Person is a Valuable Member of the Human Community. We fully understand who we are within and through the communities in which we live.
    • The family is the basic unit of society. The obligation to love our families and neighbors is at the heart of the tradition.
    • Faith Based healthcare tradition gives first priority to the good of the community of persons – the Common Good – and then to the benefit of particular persons within the community.
  • Persons Who are Poor Deserve Special Priority. Caring for persons who are poor and vulnerable is a hallmark of the Faith Based healthcare tradition.
    • Our teaching includes a special obligation to reach out to those persons who are vulnerable, disabled, powerless, discriminated against, or suffering.
  • Work is Good, not just certain kinds of work.
    • Each person shares in God’s continuing creation through working.
    • Daily work is the normal way persons contribute to the common good; experience their human dignity and find their fulfillment.
  • All Created Things are Gifts from God.
    • We share responsibility for caring for all gifts of creation. This responsibility is an important contribution to the common good.
    • Our Ministries exercise responsible stewardship of resources.
Katie Kerr

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Katie Kerr, Associate Vice President – Saint Johns Physician Partners
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Michael Ricks, Chief Executive – Providence Saint Johns Health Center
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David Mast, Chief Executive – Saint John's Physician Partners
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