Code of Conduct

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What You As A Patient Can Expect From Us:

  • Be treated with dignity, justice and compassion as outlined in our Mission Statement and Core Values.
  • Receive impartial access to treatment and services that are available and medically necessary without regard to race, color, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, political beliefs, diagnosis, and/or any other category protected under the applicable law.
  • Have your property and person treated with respect, consideration and recognition of dignity.
  • Voice your grievances/complaints regarding treatment of care, lack of respect of property, and/or person, by anyone who is furnishing services on behalf of Providence.
  • Be free from mistreatment, neglect, or verbal, mental, sexual and physical abuse.
  • Be able to identify staff members through proper identification.
  • Participate as a valued part of the health care team and have the ability to voice questions or concerns.
  • Be informed of anticipated outcomes of care and any barriers in outcome achievement.
  • Expect confidentiality and privacy of all information contained in the medical record.
  • Be fully informed of your responsibilities.

What We Expect From You As A Patient:

  • Give true and complete information about your health and share any information with us that might help our care teams give the best care.
  • Be respectful in all interactions with our caregivers and physicians, especially when settling disagreements.
  • Inform your care team if you have any concerns or are unhappy with the care.
  • Not swear, make threats or engage in behaviors that negatively impact patient care or cause others to feel threatened.
  • Follow the agreed upon treatment plan, understanding that refusing treatment may result in unintended outcomes.
  • Respect the privacy of other patients.
  • Not use or be under the influence of illegal drugs, marijuana, alc…