PMI creates one big, beautiful place for your family’s health needs

They say the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. The PMI Wateridge office, which opened in 2019, took that idea to a new level by creating one vibrant healing space out of four parts.

PMI Wateridge merges the operations of the PMI Slauson, PMI Westchester, PMI Cardiology and PMI Hawthorne Pediatrics offices into one convenient clinic in Ladera Heights. The office features pods for family medicine, pediatrics and cardiology. It houses 52 exam rooms, eighteen Providence Medical Associates providers and 50 staff members, many of whom have a lengthy history of serving the local community— some of the physicians have been treating patients for over five decades!

PMI Wateridge was designed as a care hub for patients and physicians alike by combining primary & specialty care with an urgent care center, lab, and imaging center that offers radiology, ultrasound, mammography, MRI and bone density screenings. Convenience is key to making the office a patient-centered medical home for everyone involved in the healing process. Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and pharmacists serve as part of the care team along with behavioral health therapists.

As beautiful as it is functional, the Wateridge office park features waterfalls and lush landscaping. PMI Wateridge preserves its Axminster legacy through a colorful mural that greets visitors when they step off the elevator. It replicates the mural that originally adorned the outside of the PMI Slauson building, a landmark for local residents. The new mural serves as both a place marker and a “welcome home” for all caregivers and patients.