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DateqTimePresented By
Monday, March 8th10 a.mAGA (Broker)
Tuesday, March 9th10 a.mSCAN Healthplan
Wednesday, March 10th10 a.mClear Financial Insurance Services (Broker)
Thursday, March 11th10 a.mHumana
Tuesday, March 16th10 a.mPaul Davis Insurance Services (Broker)
Wednesday, March 17th10 a.mUnited HealthCare
Thursday, March 18th10 a.mHealth Net
Monday, April 5th10 a.mPaul Davis Insurance Services (Broker)
Tuesday, April 6th10 a.mUnited HealthCare
Wednesday, April 7th10 a.mSCAN Healthplan
Thursday, April 8th10 a.mClear Financial Insurance Services (Broker)
Monday, April 12th10 a.mHumana
Tuesday, April 13th10 a.mCHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Wednesday, April 14th10 a.mHealth Net
Monday, April 19th 110 a.mBlue Shield of CA
Tuesday, April 20th10 a.mAnthem Blue Cross
Wednesday, April 21st10 a.mAGA (Broker)
Monday, May 3rd10 a.mBlue Shield of CA
Tuesday, May 4th10 a.mCHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Wednesday, May 5th10 a.mHumana
Monday, May 10th10 a.mUnited HealthCare
Tuesday, May 11th10 a.mClear Financial Insurance Services (Broker)
Wednesday, May 12th10 a.mAnthem Blue Cross
Thursday, May 13th10 a.mAGA (Broker)
Monday, May 17th10 a.mHealth Net
Tuesday, May 18th10 a.mSCAN Healthplan
Wednesday, May 19th10 a.mPaul Davis Insurance Services (Broker)

Meetings Hosted by Providence Care Network

DateTimePresented By
Thursday, April 15th10 a.mCHM Insurance Service (Broker)
Thursday, May 6th10 a.mCHM Insurance Service (Broker)

Meetings Hosted by Providence Medical Institute

DateTimePresented By
Monday, March 8th4 p.mHumana
Wednesday, March 10th 55 p.mSCAN Healthplan
Thursday, March 11th4 p.mWest LA Baby Boomers Insurance (Broker)
Tuesday, March 16th4 p.mUnited HealthCare
Thursday, March 18th4 p.mBlue Shield of CA
Tuesday, March 23rd4 p.mCHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Thursday, March 25th4 p.mAnthem
Monday, April 12th 4 p.mAnthem
Tuesday, April 13th4 p.mCHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Wednesday, April 14th 5 p.mSCAN Healthplan
Tuesday, April 20th4 p.mUnited HealthCare
Thursday April 22nd 44 p.mHumana
Wednesday April 28th5 p.mBlue Shield of CA
Thursday, April 29th4 p.mWest LA Baby Boomers Insurance (Broker)
Monday, May 3rd4 p.mUnited HealthCare
Tuesday, May 4th4 p.mCHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Monday, May 10th 44 p.mWest LA Baby Boomers Insurance (Broker)
Tuesday, May 11th4 p.mHumana
Thursday, May 13th 4 p.mAnthem
Wednesday, May 19th 5 p.mSCAN Healthplan
Thursday, May 20th4 p.mBlue Shield of CA

Meetings Hosted by Saint John’s Physician Partners

DateTimePresented By
Tuesday, March 9th4 p.m.CHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Monday, March 15th4 p.m.West LA Baby Boomers Insurance (Broker)
Monday, March 22nd4 p.m.Humana
Wednesday, March 24th5 p.m.SCAN Healthplan
Thursday, April 15th4 p.m.CHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Monday, April 19th4 p.m.Humana
Wednesday, April 21st5 p.m.SCAN Healthplan
Tuesday, April 27th4 p.m.West LA Baby Boomers Insurance (Broker)
Thursday, May 6th4 p.m.CHM Insurance Services (Broker)
Wednesday, May 12th5 p.m.SCAN Healthplan
Monday, May 17th4 p.m.Humana
Tuesday, May 18th4 p.m.West LA Baby Boomers Insurance (Broker)