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About Dorothy Patrice Dada, MD, PhD 

Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Neurologist Dorothy P. Dada, MD, is a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has studied extensively in medicine and neurology, and she holds fellowships in the Steve Tisch Sports Neurology-Neurotrauma program and the UCLA Goldberg Migraine program. This is where she enjoys providing care for her adolescent and adult patients suffering from headaches, facial pain, concussions, and mild traumatic brain injuries.   

All children need heroes, and Dr. Dada’s hero was her childhood pediatrician. It was he who first inspired her to pursue a career in medicine. Perhaps this is because Dr. Dada was frequently hospitalized as a child with severe asthma attacks. Her pediatrician always used his extraordinary skill to create a safe and lighthearted environment during the most frightening situations for her and her family. She saw in her pediatrician a unique ability to balance the art of medicine with compassion and empathy, and her patients believe she brings those same qualities when she is working with them.  

Dr. Dada received her medical training at Loma Linda University. As her studies evolved, she earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience to fully understand the mechanisms involved in brain injury. During these studies, she set herself a goal to develop novel therapies for brain repair. Although challenging, this was also a gratifying experience. During this time, she recognized the importance of genuinely connecting with her patients, expanding her goals, and her true passion for neurology.  

Dr. Dada enjoys learning how headaches and traumatic brain injuries affect her pediatric and adult patients’ lives. And more importantly, she enjoys discovering what she can do to alleviate their suffering. Using a comprehensive assessment, she works with each patient and family to develop an individualized treatment plan that alleviates suffering and leads to functional recovery.    

Not only do her patients recognize her compassion when she is caring for them, but that compassion also extends well beyond her workplace. Being highly active in community service, Dr. Dada enjoys mentoring undergraduate and medical students, promoting wellness and awareness of heart disease in women, and volunteering for health fairs.   

Dr. Dada’s dedication has earned her many honors and awards throughout her academic career. She has produced manuscripts for medical journals and presented lectures all over the country.   

In her free time, Dr. Dada loves spending time with her friends and family, and she is always up for a great music festival or outdoor jazz concert.  Her hobbies include cycling, hiking, running, and yoga, and she especially loves competing in new fitness challenges with her husband, Rodney.  

Dr. Dada provided great info and listened to all my questions, never interrupted me or dismissed my concerns, etc. Wonderful doctor!!

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Dorothy Patrice Dada

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UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program, 2019

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  • 135 Reviews
  • 5

Dr. Dada provided great info and listened to all my questions, never interrupted me or dismissed my concerns, etc. Wonderful doctor!!

Providence Patient
  • 5

Ms. Dada was attentive, friendly, careful to explain what she was thinking/doing regarding my problem. Also lightly humorous. All in all a positive experience.

Providence Patient
  • 5

I had a very good appointment with Dr. Dada. She asked all the right questions to narrow down what she thought I suffer from and also asked for an MRI to rule out anything else.

Providence Patient
  • 5

Dr Dada is amazing, always listens to my concerns and cares obviously for me as an entire patient. She is extremely patient and kind

Providence Patient
  • 5

Dr. Dada took time to listen to my history and concerns. She explained information in an easy to u see stand manner. I love that she gave me several options and helped me choose the best one for me. I am so happy to have a plan and I look forward seeing Dr. Dada again.

Providence Patient
  • 5

I had an exceptional experience meeting with both Dr. Dada and her staff. They are all extremely caring and professional. I was referred to her as a specialist and this was my initial visit. After speaking with her assistant Helen and explaining my current situation, she was able to schedule me with a office visit with Dr Dada. Dr Dada reviewed my history, ran several test, provided a Diagnosis and treatment plan. She placed an order for additional blood work, asnerve stress conductivity test, and scheduled me for a follow up appointment with her in a month. I was so relieved after meeting with the doctor and her entire staff. I would recommend Dr. Dada to anyone.

Providence Patient
  • 4.64

Dr Dada was extremely helpful, professional and so thorough. I appreciate this referral and care!!

Providence Patient
  • 5

Dr Dada was wonderful, kind, attentive and informative. She is a lovely person whose kindness matches her high intelligence. I'm grateful to have met her and intend to continue seeking her care and advice.

Providence Patient