We recently launched an email newsletter to better connect with our community. Katie Kerr, Associate Vice President of Administration at Saint John’s Physician Partners, explains why.

We recently recommitted to enhancing our connection with our community of patients, caregivers and physicians. The first step in this process was the launch of a new Saint John’s Physician Partners website to make it easier for you to seek the care you need.

The next phase of this project is a curated newsletter featuring the latest news about the health and wellness issues affecting our community. We’ll introduce you to new physicians and services and keep you informed about upcoming events, current issues, new research and clinical trials and much more.

In the upcoming issues, you can expect to hear more from our leadership, meet patients and learn more about our caregivers working behind the scenes.

We’re excited for this new chapter in our relationship with you. Thank you for being a part of our family!

With gratitude,

Katie Kerr, Associate Vice President of Administration, Saint John's Physician Partners

Katie Kerr
Associate Vice President, Administration
Saint John’s Physician Partners